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Natural Medicine Internship

Dr. Danielle Daniel

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Dr. Danielle Daniel is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Social Worker from San Diego, California.  She is founder & CEO of the Holistic Brain, inc.

Using the science of nature, her expertise focus on the neural limbic pathways, neurocardiology, and psychogastroenterology (the gut-brain axis) for immediate and sustained emotional wellbeing. 

Dr. Danielle completed her doctoral dissertation on PTSD & Aromatherapy, compiling the largest literature review on mental health and aromatic compounds. 

She is the leading expert pioneering the field and trains hospitals, clinics and therapists around the world on the field of Psychoaromcology and the application of Psychoaromatherapy.

What Training does the Internship 


21 Days of Oil Education

Intro to Natural Medicine Course

Advanced Natural Medicine Course

VIP Access with monthly meetings 

What is the cost?
 It is a one time cost of $299 USD and includes your starter kit of natural medicines, all the training courses and VIP access in the App

What does the Natural Medicine Kit include?

Aromatic diffuser, essential oil reference material, seven 15ml bottles of 100% Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils of: Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot, Copaiba, and the blends of Balance™, Adaptiv™, Citrus bliss™ and a wholesale account with dōTERRA.

Introduction to Natural Medicine course

Explore the fundamentals of essential oils and the brain through the FREE introduction to Natural Medicine course and upgrade to the VIP membership to access the Advanced Natural Medicine & the Brain course.

Advance Natural Medicine course

Empower your health or practice with the Advanced Natural Medicine & the Brain course. This course is complete with 8 lectures on various brain and mental health topics. These lecture detail plant science & research on the subjects of stress & trauma, anxiety, mood, focus & attention, memory & learning, the gut-brain axis, neurocardiology, addictions and concussions. 

VIP Access

The VIP membership includes all the FREE content plus access to the Advanced Natural Medicine & the Brain Course. You also will become part of our VIP community with access to in App community chat & 1x/mo live consultation and Q&A sessions to get the guidance and solutions you need.

Where do I participate in the Internship? 

The Natural Medicine Internship courses and content are housed on The Holistic Brain App. All content is accessible via any device you choose, computer, phone, tablet etc. 

You can download the app and start learning today!

Once you purchase the internship, we will get in touch with you to ship your kit of essential oils, and add you to our VIP community.

Our community consultations our hosted on Zoom 1x/ a month.

The Holistic Brain App

Why participate in the Natural Medicine Internship?

Home Health

Be self-sufficient with home centered medicine. Get the tools, training and techniques you need to be prepared for any health crisis you face.

Increase Revenue

Increase your skills & client treatment providing a more holistic approach and more effective outcomes. 

Learn with Experts

Learn with top expert, Dr. Danielle Daniel, who has pioneered the field of essential oils and the brain and collaborate with others to learn best practice approaches.

Why essential oils?

Essential Oils are natural medicines in the form of aromatic molecules that consist of 100’s of natural chemical compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They are 5-70 times more powerful than the herb itself. 

Gifts of the Earth

Watch this 4 min video to see why essential oils work

  Essential oil medicine
can be used for a variety of health care concerns for all members of the family at any stage of life, including your pets: 

How fast do essential oils work?

22 Seconds

The molecules reach the brain.

2 Minutes

They are in the blood stream.

20 Minutes

They affect every cell in the body.

Essential oils address the root problems at the cellular level & permeate the cellular membrane

Essential oils also influence neurotransmitter activity & can permeate the blood brain barrier


"I was having severe knee pain that was increasing each week, so much so I could not even bend it! I decided to try a couple essential oils even though I wasn't sure they could help something this painful. I applied topically lemongrass & copaiba before bed, and I literally woke up the next day and my knee felt completely better, I couldn't believe it!"

Jessica Scott 

Chicago, IL
"Essential oils and doTERRA's plant based products have been a huge tool for me in alcohol recovery. I was struggling with sleep every night and a friend suggested I try doTERRA's serenity essential oil blend. I fell asleep and stayed asleep through the night for the first time in a long time! I now wake up feeling refreshed and strong to remain in sobriety and help others do the same."

Liz Collins

San Diego, CA.