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What clients say:

  • I am a Certified Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager and mother of 1 human, 2 dogs, 1 cat & 1 reptile. The education on essential oils provided by Danielle immediately helped me to realize they would be a useful addition to what I already do! What I did not expect was the affect that the business would have on my emotional wellbeing. Before, I was in and out with clients and their pets to help with their healthcare needs before too much was said on a personal level. Now, because of the personal development she had guided me toward, you won’t find me hurrying to end an appointment for fear of having to get life details. The practice is 100 times more successful, friendly, and we emit a sense of calm and professionalism toward every individual that walks through our doors. I can’t think of a better mentor than Danielle to lead me through this amazing journey of self improvement! She is truly a blessing in the form of a friend.

    Colleen McIntosh, Veterinary Tech & Mother
  • I am a certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. I partnered with Danielle and it has changed my life in so many positive ways! Her continued mentorship has helped me move through my own personal blocks that were preventing me from living a fully successful life. I now lead my own successful business team and use the skills she taught me to help them become equally as successful! I can easily incorporate essential oils into my practice to help others live a more natural, healthy and fruitful life!

    Karuna DiLibero, Yoga & Ayruvedic Instructor
  • I mix orange, lavender, and Clary sage and it helps when my mind is racing and I am having trouble settling down to sleep.

    Deb R., Ontario, Canada
  • I have Chronic Clinical Depression and I started using Lavender. It is a miracle oil, I’d have to say. The smell hit’s me and my temples and neck relaxes and I can think clearly…. Calming Blend is a relaxing and calming oil and it relaxes my body, muscles and emotions…Grounding Blend seems to assist me and my 9 year old son in focusing.

    Tamykah P., Texas
  • I work with preschoolers and was having issues with mood swings and a short temper. I began using citrus oils as well as the grounding blend and calming blend. Problem solved! The little things the kiddos would do that would make me grumpy no longer did. Much happier preschool teacher here!

    Jennifer C., Chicago, IL
  • I diffuse Bergamot and Cedarwood when I’m feeling ‘down’. I wear Orange like perfume and I go to work in a more relaxed state of mind.

    Colleen M., Oregon
  • I use the grounding blend & ylang ylang on my 8 yr old son and it helps to calm him when he is having trouble settling down.

    Nicole V., Houston, TX
  • I use orange essential oil every morning – whether that be a couple drops in my smoothie, in the diffuser, or just smelling straight from the bottle. Many of the oils uplift me, but Orange is my go-to for mood.

    Allison C., North Carolina
  • My son would get despondent and feel like life was not worth living. Smelling Frankincense and Lemon were lifesavers for him. They lifted him up to the point where he feels like he can handle life again.

    Dawn B., North Carolina
  • So much to take in, I couldn’t take notes fast enough. I love hearing about the brain research. I have several adopted children with mental health/behavior issues (why I got into EOs) and it helps me understand how to better help them. Thank you!!!

    Amy S.
  • Thank you so much for all the great work you do! Also, I wanted to say that I LOVED your teaching style. There is something super laid-back (Cali vibes) yet incredibly engaging about you that I wish I could bottle up and start drinking every day! You are an awesome leader and overall really great person so thank you!