Yarrow/Pom: A Dynamic Duo

Yarrow/Pom: A Dynamic Duo

Imagine finding a natural way of reversing the aging of your skin while simultaneously improving the internal function of your body. Well we no longer have to imagine because doTERRA now has an oil that does just that. It is what I personally call, “The Fountain of Youth” and it has become a very important part of my morning routine. Yarrow/Pom is one of my favorite oils and it is sure to be one of yours. 

Yarrow/Pom is made up of Yarrow root and Pomegranate seed and is a powerhouse when it comes to supporting a healthy body. Yarrow root is a good source of beta-Caryophyllene which has been shown in research to calm anxious emotions and regulate inflammation. Yarrow also has a high content of chamazulene, a blue chemical constituent that may be highly useful in protecting cells from stress caused by byproducts of normal cellular processes and managing the activity of molecules involved in a normal immune response. Aside from its blue, silky soft texture, Yarrow is high in antioxidants which means that it counters the cellular destruction caused by inflammation in the body by limiting free radical production. Incredibly, that is not all! Yarrow has shown to regulate metabolism which has resulted in many people losing weight. And in lab rats, it was shown to stabilize memory.

Pomegranate seed oil is equally powerful in its ability to deeply hydrate the body and body tissue and boost collagen which gives it extreme anti-aging properties. It has also been shown to act as a blood cleanser, reduce stress in brain tissue, and contribute to healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is no wonder that Yarrow and Pomegranate together are a force to be reckoned and with, and one of my most essential oils. 

While Yarrow/Pom can be used in a variety of ways including topically, internally, and through diffusion, I personally use it each morning as a part of my skin regimen. I use 1 drop on my face each morning after cleansing with Verage Face-wash and applying doTERRA’s Immortelle serum. After undergoing a major surgery over a year ago, I also use the oil on my scar which has visibly decreased the thick scar tissue. Within days of using Yarrow/Pom, I noticed visible improvements in both my face and scar. Others have shared with me stories of weight loss and decreased inflammation. Imagine, an oil that not only improves your physical appearance, but works wonders internally as well! I would bet the same cannot be said for Botox. I would LOVE to hear your stories on Yarrow/Pom. Let me know how long you have used it for and the changes you have seen. 

Check out my Brain Talk on Yarrow/Pom below and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for many more videos on Essential Oils and the Brain. 

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