Lavender for use with adopted children

12419278_1010829512343184_4621635819600454091_oI just heard the most incredible story using essential oils for emotions. This holistic momma I get to work with, adopted her little girl 12 years ago when she was 2 months old. They brought her home while she was sleeping as a baby, and when the little baby woke up, she knew she was in a different home and with a different family, so her mind associated sleep with mistrust, and insecurity. This girl had still not been able to sleep through the night during her entire life, waking up with fear several times a night because of this mental association to this adoptive experience. We gave her a little cotton ball with a few drops of lavender essential oil on it and had her rub it on the bottom of the feet on her now 12 year daughter, onto her big toe (which is the brain point in reflexology). That night, her daughter slept through the night for the first time ever! The second night the mother took whatever was left on the cotton ball and wiped it onto her daughters big toe once again and she slept through the night for the second time! This young girl is now sleeping through every night with lavender and is processing better her emotional fear from her adoption experience and is functioning better even in school and with her family relationships. This story just touched me at the profound effect essential oils can have on emotional wellness and is why I love sharing them! Please share this story with someone who may need some hope or a sample of essential oils as it could change their life just as this did for this little girl who now is functioning healthier emotionally and academically just from a little drop of lavender. #lavenderblessings #emotionalwellness #holisticpsych #wellness #health #socal #california #healthylife #sleep #essentialoils #doterra #brainhealth #healthymind

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