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"As a Mom and wife I felt empowered for the first time to take control of our health and wellness. My husband has had chronic back pain for years, and once we started to use the Deep Blue Oil he now doesn't have anymore back pain!  I am so grateful that I was introduced to this amazing gift of the earth given by God to take care of my children and our bodies."

Martie Kruger
South Africa
"As a leader in the health and wellness industry, weight management and fitness recovery is crucial. I workout almost everyday and my muscles can get very sore and fatigued. DoTERRA's deep blue rub was a game changer for me! I can now use that before and after workouts and my body feels great and recovers faster from a workout allowing me to increase my strength and overall fitness."

Denise King

Atlanta, GA
"My first child was consistently sick as a baby and I noticed that when I first started using essential oils, she quickly started feeling better!  As a mom that felt so empowering knowing I could do something for my baby that was natural and healthy. I then used them during my 2nd pregnancy and I noticed a big difference in how I felt throughout and with my postpartum depression. The oils helped me manage it whereas before I really struggled plus my 2nd baby didn’t ever get sick!  So now I share  them with every new mom and my friends who are pregnant because they were life changing for me and my kids." 

Nancy Z.


Meet Our Educators

Dr. Danielle Daniel

Doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker, studying and educating on the clinical use of aromatherapy for mental health. She has published many writings & literature on this subject.

~ San Diego, CA. ~

Karuna DiLibero

International yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor incorporating the healing powers of essential oils into her practice and educating others on the benefits in their individual lives 

IG: @namastekaruna
~ Oregon ~

Dr. Amy Moore

 Doctor of marriage & family therapy specializing in working with teens. She is a mother and advocate of natural health both personally and professionally in her work and has been using essential oils for years in her practice with much success. She now loves to teach others about their power and how to use them for emotional and physical wellbeing.

~ New Jersey ~

Virginia Lopez-Bunnemeyer, LCSW

Licensed psychotherapist who enjoys teaching others how to manage stress and health in a natural way.  

~ San Diego, CA. ~

Melissa Lapides, LMFT

 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, mom of 3 and a fuzzy white fur baby. She specializes in working with trauma and training other professionals in the field.

~ California ~

Sara Henzl

Flower Shop Owner, Mother of 4. Loves to nurture others and their families naturally with  compassion and essential oils. 
~ Wisconsin ~

Dana Socklov

Addictions and Wellness Specialist. doTERRA has played an integral part of her own recovery journey for the past 6 years. She now teaches women in recovery how to manage their emotions and overall health through the power of essential oils and supplements. 

IG: @danasockolov
~ California ~

Rosanne Hiller, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and mom of 3 boys. She has been educating & implementing essential oils for many years with her clients. 

~ California ~

Colleen McIntosh 

A Buti Yoga instructor healing emotionally and physically with essential oils. She is a mother of two young kids and founder of
 Peak Lifestyle Studio, where
every class of hers involves essential oils to facilitate peace & presence to each individual. 
~ Oregon ~

Kimberly Erickson-Nichols, LPC

Trauma specialized psychotherapist and child development specialist.  She teaches heart-centered and brain-focused modalities using essential oils for mothering, connection, healing and abundance.

~ Wisconsin~

Brooke Branch

Has a passion for teaching other special needs moms about the life-changing gifts of essential oils. She has been using essential oils successfully with her have twin 13 year old boys both of which have special needs. One is on the autism spectrum, the other has auditory processing and frustration tolerance issues. The oils have helped her sons with focusing, reducing behaviors and fidgeting making it easier for them to do schoolwork now. Brooke empowers other moms on how to use essential oils for special needs.

 ~ New Jersey ~

Dr. Shelly Valdez

A doctor of education, researcher, author and cancer survivor! She educates on using essential oils to support in home health to empower women globally to live vital, purpose-driven life. 

~ California ~

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"Essential oils have changed my life as a mom of two adopted children with trauma. We adopted my daughter  as a baby and since that time, she was never able to sleep through the night.  She would wake up multiple times checking to make sure we were still there.  This affected her mood and daily behaviors.  We tried many things for years and nothing helped her.  When my daughter was 12 1/2 years old, our family adoption trauma therapist shared lavender essential oil with us so that night I rubbed it on the bottom of her feet. My daughter actually slept through the entire night for the first time in her life!  To be sure it wasn't a coincidence, the second night used the lavender again and she slept through the night once more! Her being able to sleep through the night has made a big difference in her moods, behavior, and trauma processing allowing her to function better in school and just overall become a happier person"

Karen Brown

"I have had lower back pain since 1984 during my career in the Marine Corps. I have now been retired for almost 26 years and my lower back pain persisted in spite of physical therapy and other treatments. Three years ago my wife suggested using essential oils to seek relief from the lower back pain so we started applying Copaiba, Siberian Fir, Deep Blue and Aroma Touch oils. I was so impressed that within a short time I had relief from my back pain and was able to be more active with my grandchildren, work on my large family garden and enjoy cooking for extended periods of time. Essential oils have done for me what long term treatments have not been able to do - allow me to return to an active life style."

Drs. Raul & Shelly Valdez

San Diego, CA. 

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