The Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection

One of the many things doTERRA is incredibly good at is combining some of the most powerful oils into a collection. The newest collection, the Harmony collection, is already one of my favorite products in my home and it is not only because of how beautiful the packaging is. The three oils that come in this collection are unique, smell amazing, but most importantly they each offer health benefits that can change the quality of a person’s life. Between the positive benefits they offer to mood and brain health, and the ways in which they interact with the body at a cellular level, the oils work together harmoniously as their name suggests.
The first oil I will introduce you to from the Harmony collection is Pink Pepper. Yes! You read that right! Not only can you use it to flavor your foods but the list of benefits it can produce in your body is quite lengthy. The primary component in Pink Pepper is Limonene which influences the serotonin levels in the brain. Limonene is known to be uplifting for the mood but also supports healthy cellular function! While on the surface that sounds like a wonderful benefit, the importance of healthy cellular function cannot be overstated. When you eat food, the nutrients are transferred to the cells throughout your body. The functions of your body are therefore reliant on the healthy and efficient transfer of cells.  Limonene has been found to have calming properties and can calm the nervous system. The nervous system, which is made up of cells that communicate all over the body and to the brain takes the senses the body experiences and communicates to the brain. By calming the nervous system, the main chemical component in Pink Pepper is capable of decreasing anxious feelings and stress. In addition to these wonderful health benefits, Pink Pepper can help maintain an already health blood sugar level, lower cholesterol levels, support healthy digestion, and support the immune and respiratory systems.  Green Mandarin is another oil that comes in the Harmony collection and also contains Limonene. Therefore, it provides many of the same health benefits as Pink Pepper but also gives off a wonderful citrusy aroma! This makes it ideal for diffusing throughout the home. It is also a perfect oil to add to your morning tea because of the citrus aroma and taste it provides, but also the benefits of supporting healthy cellular function, a healthy nervous system, the digestive system, and respiratory system. Adding this oil to your morning routine is sure to provide an overall sense of wellness for your mind and body.TIP: One of my favorite ways to diffuse Green Mandarin is to combine it with Sandalwood in the morning and Lavender in the evenings.  The last oil in the collection is by no means less essential to the collection. Star Anise is an oil that comes from the Star Anise tree in southeastern Asia. It is an oil that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine and works to improve the health of the digestive system. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients in doTERRA’s popular Digestzen blend! Star Anise also supports the cardiovascular system, immune system, and healthy cellular function, making it an equal powerhouse in the Harmony collection. The aroma of Black Licorice makes Star Anise one of my favorites and is a perfect addition to my morning tea.It is no wonder that the Harmony collection is one of doTERRA’s best trios yet! Not only is each oil unique, they provide health benefits that can improve the health and wellness of the entire body. So if you are looking to add to your collection, or are just starting out, this collection is one that would greatly benefit you. They each truly represent the power and versatility of essential oils. Check out my essential oils tab in the menu above to learn more about getting started with essential oils! Click below to watch the Youtube video on this subject:

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