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Dr. Amy Moore

Dr. Amy Moore is a Gold in doTERRA and Holistic Family Therapist in New Jersey. She works full-time while building her doTERRA business and is in the process of building a Non-profit organization that works to empower young women and girls in foster care.  She is currently a single-mother and was homeless just one year ago after leaving an abusive relationship. Her greatest accomplishments in the last year were reaching Gold, finding a home for her and her daughter, and putting her daughter into a preschool that both she and her daughter are proud of. How has your daily routine changed since you became a builder? I feel like I’m not traditional. I’m not typical...I don’t feel like I’m normal or anything about my situation is normal because this is not what I’m doing full-time. I’m doing this maybe 10 hours a week at night because I don’t sleep.  I do all of my work on the astral and internally with myself… my personal growth. And it’s not that I’m not teaching classes or sampling…I’m totaling doing all of those things. But I never was a full-time builder. I started building two years ago for now, for the future. I set up 3 legs with 3 builders…I just set it up so that everybody as well grew into themselves. It just worked naturally and organically and could be what it needed to be. I have each one of my builders and do it so that they are under each of their qualifying legs so I can make rank and teach them to the same. doTERRA has been such a vehicle for me to be a leader. It’s about attracting other leaders and entrepreneurs and then cultivating a team of sisterhood of leadership. We’re a sisterhood of women who uplift other women.  That’s the vibe. Who wouldn’t want to come work with me? My team is just attracting amazing people. I’m helping people build this into their already existing business. That’s really key to my business. How were you introduced to doterra? I had really bad postpartum and I’ve struggled with depression my entire life.  A friend of mine came over to see the baby and she gave me an oil and I thought, “what is this going to do?” So I put the oil on and within 15 minutes, I was like, ‘Oh wow, I have postpartum blues and I'm suddenly feeling like it lifted.’ And I immediately knew I was going to do it as a business because I was already certified in angel therapy and I was already looking into Reiki and always wanted to learn about essential oils. And when I saw another leader, Melissa Lapides,  post about the aromatherapy line and she told me her mentor was Danielle Daniel who was calling the practice Psychoaromacology, I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do!’ It was all in such alignment.Do you experience more freedom day to day? No. But what I do experience in terms of freedom is that I don’t stress about money. I’ve never had the experience  until now to where I was so confident money was coming. I'm not living in fear anymore.  How has your doTERRA business impacted your sense of purpose? I had a premonition of this when I was pregnant and I named my daughter Mia, which means purpose. I knew that it was going to be something big and defining. And sure enough, if I had never had her, I would not have had postpartum and been involved with Melissa and doTERRA. I just know that doTERRA expanded my purpose and showed me what I can actually do and how many people I can reach and the impact that I can make. And everybody in my network and what we can do together. It’s really phenomenal. It’s amazing that I actually do what I love for a living. How has your doTERRA business impacted your family? My mom called me last night to tell me that she and my father are proud of me because of everything I accomplished this year. That I was able to get a condo and that I was able to most specifically put my daughter in the school I put her into all by myself. They can’t get over how proud of me they are that I was able to accomplish that. So what this business has done for my family is change the way my parents view me. They see that I’m a very strong businesswoman and that I know what I am talking about. And that what I am good at, I am REALLY good at. What does your daily oil routine look like? I take the daily nutrient pack, On Guard capsules and Deep Blue capsules. The Deep Blue capsules changed my life because it’s the difference of being in pain and not. Frankincense, Wild Orange…can’t live without that. Beautiful, that’s my new favorite! I can’t drink water without my citrus oils. I diffuse in my office, Tangerine and Lime or Balance and Lime or Motivate. I put Spearmint and Lime on my laundry balls. What would you tell your younger self knowing what you know today? I would whisper to myself…’Network Marketing’. It’s like the greatest secret.  If something from Dr. Amy Moore's interview resonated with you to either try the essential oils or integrate the business model, message me to have your questions answered here:

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