Essential Oil Diffuser vs. Air Freshener

By Danielle Daniel, LCSW, PsyD student

Toxicity of Air Fresheners in Your Office

It is therapy time! What smells are floating around your office? Kind of a weird question, but sometimes offices don't smell great, and what do most people do to "cleanse" the air and freshen up the smell? Yep, they grab a aerosol can spray with hundreds of toxic chemicals in them and spray it everywhere.

Air fresheners such as aerosols, plug-ins, etc. have become hugely popular and are a large staple among our homes and offices.

But just because something smells nice, does it mean it is healthy for us to breath in?

There is a much better way to freshen up the smell of your office without the harmful chemicals and with the added benefit to your brain health.

My name is Danielle Daniel and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Doctor of Clinical Psychology student and founder of Holistic Psychology, inc. I am from San Diego California and have worked as a psychotherapist for many years in inner city medical clinics here in San Diego. I have used essential oils over 20 years, but I never really thought they were a viable option to bring into my practice until I found the purity and potency of doTERRA essential oils.

In the medical clinics, I remember when the other health professionals would grab the aerosol spray about three times a day and "freshen" up the room. It would make my throat close up and really irritated my lungs. I would have to go outside to breathe actually fresh air in order to recover from the overload of chemicals. I know some of you may be saying "that doesn't happen to me", and honestly it used to not until I started cleaning up all the chemicals in my house and life.

Once I learned the harmful effects, one by one I got rid of cleaners, perfumes, sprays and other household products with toxic ingredients.

Doing this improved my health of my lungs tremendously, allowing my lungs to lower their defense because they didn't have to protect themselves constantly. Once this happened, my body was able to send a signal to me saying, "this is harming me, I have to close your throat so it doesn't hurt us anymore". Our bodies are smart and responsive, and if we ignore the responses long enough, it will become mute.

Most air fresheners contain at least one of these extremely harmful chemicals and are labeled sometimes as "parfum"  or "fragrance":

Phthalate - which are linked to early puberty, autism, birth defects etc.

PEG-40 - labeled as hazardous to human health.

1,3-dichlorobenzen (1,4 DCB) - possible human carcinogen and has shown to cause kidney and testicular cancer in rats and increase asthma in humans. 

So why do we want to spray something that actually increases asthma rates?

We don't and awareness is key, and luckily there is the perfect solution to making your office or home smell good that actually benefits your respiratory airways and lungs. The added bonus is that they are more potent and way better smelling than synthetic chemical smells anyway, and that is essential oils.

With a simple diffuser, you just add water, and a few drops of whatever aroma of your choice and voila, you have an amazing smelling scent that does actually cleanse odors, not just cover them. Essential oils are aromatic molecules that come from plants. You smell them every time you open an orange, or walk around a forest, or flower field. These natural smells actually benefit you and when you use pure essential oils, like those of doTERRA, and not cheap store bought (which are diluted with synthetics), than you will actually be bringing that flower field, orange tree or forest smell, right into your office.

Lastly as you shift from taking out harmful chemicals in your office or home and replace them with essential oils, you can learn how each oil benefits the brain by continuing to follow my posts but here are a few of my favorites!

Wild Orange - uplift mood, reduce stress

Lavender - calm mood, anxious emotions

Peppermint - energize mind, uplift thinking

Emotional aromatherapy blends - peace, cheer, forgive, console, motivate, passion 

An easy way to start is to implementing healthy aromas in your office is the package of six emotional aromatherapy blended oils which benefit an array of moods and leave your space smelling amazing, without the harmful chemicals.

To learn more on blends and usage of emotional aromatherapy, get started with the Psycho-aromatherapy Integrative package here and follow along my essential oils and the brain trainings.

Happy diffusing!

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