Balancing Time

Balancing Time

I am sitting here writing this blog post when I have been working all day since 8am and it is now 8pm. I have my yummy warm soup sitting here in front of me and I keep saying to myself, "just let me get this started, then I'll eat".  My stomach on the other hand is angry at me for eating minimally so I can be productive all day.  Help! I am so task oriented that I don't take time to even eat, I get myself in this never-ending task cycle. Do you ever think "well once I get that done, then life will be more balanced" or "I'll be able to spend more time at yoga, the gym, surfing, or with the family". Sound familiar? Oh the never-ending cycle of productivity and tasks, so we have to be the ones to set boundaries and balance in our lives.  I've always lived with the "6-month thinking".  "In 6 months I will have this done, or this paid off, or less on my plate, or be able to do..." Then that 6 months comes and yes, those things are lifted off my plate, Hallelujah, but I enjoy it for 1 day and then what do I do? I go over-add more to my plate. DanielleD If this is hitting home for you, then today's blog is for both of us, balancing our time. If we keep functioning with this 6-month mentality, we will burn out.  I find that every few weeks I do burn out and spend a day at such low levels of energy that instead of being productive, I do nothing.  I am not saying that doing nothing once in a while is not bad, but wouldn't it be better to have balance which in turn creates more happiness in your life? Here are my little nuggets to help manage a task oriented personality.
  1. Schedule balance
    • Schedule in yoga, surf, gym, writing, reading, family time, date night or anything else that you neglect and honor that time you have allotted during your week.
  2. Be present
    • When you are honoring this time, be present, not thinking about all the things that are not getting done. I made a spa appointment the other day trying to schedule in my balanced time, and the whole time I was thinking about all the things I was going to do once my appointment was over. That is not being present, that is still living in the mindset of task mode.
  3. Trust
    • Trust that this time is just as productive for you as your other task oriented activities so that when feelings of guilt or panic start to rise, you can push those away from your thoughts with trusting in the time you are taking to create balance in your life. One of my very successful business partners said to me the other day that the time I take to balance my life actually increases my productivity in my other tasks because you have more energy to complete things.
  4. You are enough
    • I think some of us get in these patterns because we are trying to be enough. Remind yourself that you are enough. There is no magical level we obtain that all of a sudden we feel we "made it" or that we are "enough". We have to believe and obtain that feeling now during our path in life.  Because you are on the path of progression, you already qualify as being "enough".
Creating balance in your life starts with your thought process. Thoughts are the most powerful force because they create energy and matter, meaning the energy of our thoughts motivate us to make decisions that create the balance in our life that we truly need.

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