Feel Better in Your Skin

Danielle Daniel, LCSW, PsyD student

Feel Better in Your Skin

When I look at emotional wellness, I look at it from the holistic perspective. It is not just about talk therapy, or medication, but a huge component is nutritional health and even toxins that we are being exposed to and absorbed into the blood stream from the skin. Is that just crazy to think that what we put on our body can affect our mood? Well what we put in our body, gets absorbed into the body, so of course it can, and being that our body communicates in chemistry, when we put chemicals on our body, the chemistry absorbs and causes actions to occur, good or bad. So let's talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of skin care items. How important is what you use on your babies and children? How about for anti-aging? This is huge for you holistic mama's and those who are my age who are wanting to preserve their skin in the most beautiful way possible, and it really is a simple solution. The best rule of thumb is to use products that are from nature, not synthesized and man-made in a lab. What does that mean? Oil from coconuts or aka coconut oil (obvious right?), shea butter, lipids from olive oil, jojoba, pure essential oils, vitamin E and other fatty acids that are needed for the body and improve the skin. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it acts like a sponge and unlike our digestive system which filters and destroys many harmful pathogens, the skin has no safeguard against toxins and the chemicals are absorbed and go straight to our organs.

5 top essential oils for healthy skin:

  1. Frankincense - rejuvenating to the skin and has a balancing effect on emotions, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  2. Lavender - moisturizing, soothing, rehydrating, balancing, and rejuvenating to scars, helps reduce effects of stress and worry
  3. Melaleuca - cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin and bacteria in the body
  4. Orange - cleansing the skin, uplifting to mood
  5. Juniper Berry - is used to help improve the appearance of aging skin, soothes irritations, grounding to mood and worry.

5 top plant compounds for healthy skin:

  1. Shea Butter - contains fatty acids that help moisturize and balance the skin
  2. Sunflower oil - is rich in essential fatty acids, which smooth and soften skin
  3. Lentil seed extract - helps reduce the appearance of pores
  4. Amino acids and lipids - nourish and hydrate skin
  5. Coconut oil - boosts the effectiveness of natural surfactants

5 top harmful ingredients to avoid:

  1. Parabens - found high in breast tumors according to a study in 2004 published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology. Hormone disruption of natural estrogen produced in the body
  2. Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen
  3. Phthalates - known endocrine disruptors. According to a 2003 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Harvard School of Public Health men with higher phthalates in their blood had lower sperm count
  4. Sodium Laurel Sulfates - a pesticide, accumulates in brain, heart and liver
  5. Artificial scents and colors - linked to hormone disrupting effects, allergies, asthma etc.
There are many other harmful toxins to be aware of that I did not mention, but to start, you can go through these ingredients and be sure they are not in your hand soaps, skin care, and hair care so that you are taking care of your body the best way possible. Many years ago when I became aware of these harmful chemicals, I went through all my products in every drawer, and threw away many things that were not worth contaminating my body with, I then realized I needed to replace them with items that I could actually use that were helpful to my body, so lastly I will just list 5 of my favorite safe and helpful products for the skin.

My top 5 recommended skin care products that are all natural and contain pure essential oils are:

  1. Verage Cleanser
  2. doTERRA Spa Mud Mask
  3. Verage Moisturizer
  4. doTERRA Spa Body scrub
  5. doTERRA Spa Body Butter
To learn more about getting started with doTERRA essential oils and their all natural skin care products, request to connect with me here. I will be happy to discuss your family needs and wellness goals. Your skin and what you put on it, does have an effect on your emotional wellness, and when we can provide the most holistic environment for our bodies, we can improve our mood and feel better in our skin all at the same time.

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