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Do you want to total wellness? Through physical, emotional and even financial, can you imagine a life with total wellness in these three areas? I didn't know this was possible before, but that is a limiting belief from society, it is possible. My Wellness Model encompasses the whole life approach by address physical wellness, emotional wellness and financial wellness to your life. When you sign up for my wellness program, you have many options to what level you want to be involved from joining the full fitness & nutrition program, to implementing this wellness approach for others in your own business & career path. Every wellness package comes with an essential oil starter kit and my emotional wellness webinar trainings. To get started, contact us, and select the option "Sign up for Wellness Program" and we will connect with you to personalize your approach & get your started according to your needs. Packages range from as low as $175 to $575 and through the private consultation, you will be able to select the right start for you! null(10)

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