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Emotional Aromatherapy Training Kit


Emotional Aromatherapy Integrative Kit:
With this kit, you will receive a Wholesale Customer account with the essential oil company doTERRA and free upgrade to a Wellness Advocate. You will receive shipping points for this order towards more free product on your doTERRA account and be eligible for any current promotions doTERRA is running which may include free product or points.

Total Price: $215.00  with tax + shipping included
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Essential Oils:
doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit- 5mL Bottles: Motivate®, Cheer®, Forgive®, Console®, Passion®, Peace®

Other Products: Petal Diffuser, Oil Cap Stickers

Aromatherapy Products: *Essential Oils & the Brain reference sheet, *Essential oil guide book, Therapist-Preneur 4 week training content, Psycho-Aromatherapy consultation call, Option to FREE upgrade to partnership anytime, Psycho-Aroma on-line class for your community plus commissions from orders, Option to be involved with global humanitarian projects

*Products shipped separately

*This package is ONLY for those who are not current doTERRA customers. If you are a current customer, you CAN register for all the training content HERE.

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