Holistic approach to behaviors

Holistic approach to behaviors

As a mental health practitioner I have been using essential oils with many different patients and concerns.  Essential oils provide a wonderful natural complement to our health and emotions and wherein they don't heal or cure a diagnosis, I have found them helpful in supporting mood, creating a sense of focus and calming behaviors.  Because there is such a wide range of functioning and behaviors with many children, there is not one exact TERI EQ1 protocol that everyone uses, however here are a few helpful aromatic compounds that support calming certain behaviors and giving them a sense of focus and grounding. Vetiver essential oil - 1 drop on the back of the neck to calm and feel grounded Frankincense essential oil - diffuse overnight to support feeling present Grounding Blend (spruce Ho Wood,  Frankincense, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile in a  Fractionated Coconut oil base)  - 1 drop back of the neck to ground behaviors and movements These are the 3 main essential  oils I have used and seen work well to support families in managing some behaviors.  I have partnered with TERI, inc. a holistic center for children with special needs here in Southern California and one day we were at this therapeutic equestrian center with the students.  One of the students was having a hard time calming down and participating, so we  put one drop of the grounding blend essential oil on the back of this neck and within about  3-5 minutes, he  slowly started calming down, was able to sit down and then participate with riding the horses with his classmates.  It never seizes to amaze me how gentle and profound essential oils can be in just supporting our everyday moods and behaviors, diagnosis or not, they just help reground and refocus our attention and manage the daily stimulating stresses around us.

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