danielledr.com site provides education on psychological concerns using natural resources from the earth. The education is based from scientific studies and offers complementary methods for overall brain health and managing behavioral, mood, anxiety, and other psychological related symptoms.

Danielle Daniel is an LCSW and Doctor of Clinical Psychology student, who researches causes of psychological disorders and natural resources for psychological symptoms through her doctoral studies and French Medical Aromatic education.  She provides various psycho-educational services on the subject of Psychoaromacology for individuals and groups wanting to increase their knowledge in this area. For more information, fill out the Contact Us form


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Psychoaromacology is the study and science of the chemical interactions the aromas of plants have on the brain.  Danielle Daniel coined this term to define this new emerging field of her doctoral studies.  The field of psychoaromacology is very promising and holds many complementary methods for managing our psychological health due to the psychoaromatic effects of essential oils.

Aromas, or essential oils are concentrated liquid molecules found on plants which produce multiple positive chemical interactions in the body and brain. These miniscule molecules have been shown in research to cross the blood brain barrier, act as cerebral stimulants, and can be very powerful at producing different neurotransmitters in the brain as well as aid in producing other positive effects in the body which impact brain function.

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Nutritional factors have been widely linked to brain chemistry and play a key part in psychological health.  Danielle Daniel has researched many areas of nutritional factors impacting the brain and partners with experts in this area to provide nutritional education in her trainings and individual consultations. 

Essential Oil Internship is the only online essential oil education program that takes you from start to finish, learning all the fundamentals of essential oils in just 6 weeks. Get education that will personally empower you to transform your health and happiness, confidently integrating essential oils into your daily life!  Danielle Daniel has partnered with essential oil experts who developed a 6-week on-line essential oil internship program.  This program provides the best training about oil chemistry for the body, how to use oils, and about oil quality.  Start the program for as low as  $150. This package comes with 11 essential oils that are the highest quality of essential oils.  For more information and to register for this service, go to www.eointernship.com

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